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Norma Fraser: Bio

Norma Fraser

tells it like it was....
"It all started for me at Studio One, the record label that was like the Motown label in America. It was owned by Coxson Dodd, the master mind behind us all. He signed me n the early 1960s, and i had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful performers and musicians who were also signed with him includng Bob & Rita Marley; Peter Tosh; Bunny Wailer; Slim Smith; Delroy Wilson; joe Higgs; Ken Boothe; and the Skatalites. I really liked Bob Marley because he was rather earthy,religious, and so very talented...we used to discuss our life as kids, our love for music, and the difficulties we faced trying to get our records out on a timely basis...not to mention getting paid for them.

More about Norma....

She's back...and she's "Hot Again"! After a self -imposed twenty-year hiatus, Norma fraser has returned to the reggae music scene with a new album "Hot Again". Recorded in her native Jamaica, Norma decided it was only appropriate to return to her roots...the place where her career began in 1961, with the number one hit "We'll be lovers" (which was on the top of the charts for over a year).
"Hot Again" establishes Fraser as the "Queen of American Roots Reggae," a title she awkwardly accepts, "I'm getting back to my music now because over the past years, so many people have come up to me to tell me how the music has bettered their lives...they've encouraged me to come back. I'm more matur now, and truly understand how music can heat people and bring joy to their lives."

Fraser was born and raised in Jamaica and deeply influenced as a child by "Ska" music. According to Fraser, she and her playmates "revered the style, energy, and feelings we derived from listening to 'our' music.

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